Step 1. Prep the nails the same way as the gel polish application process.

Step 2. Apply Nail Forms or Tips

Step 3. Apply a layer of Base Coat and cure.

Step 4. Apply a layer of Builder Gel at the free edge of the nail to build out your length and shape, then cure.

Step 5. Apply a layer of Builder Gel over the nail plate, blending into the extension and cure.

Step 6. Apply a small amount of Builder Gel to create an apex and cure.

Step 7. Apply another layer of Builder Gel over the entire nail to create your desired thickness and cure.

Step 8. Remove the nail forms and wipe over the nail with isopropyl alcohol to remove the tacky dispersion layer.

Step 9. File and shape the nails.

Step 10. Paint your nails with favourite Gel Polish colour, and follow with top coat.


Cure time for Builder Gel is 1 minute in a 48 watt LED lamp/light.  2 minutes in a UV lamp/light.

D&G HEMA Free Builder Gel will produce a tacky dispersion layer once cured.  You will need to wipe over this layer with Isopropyl Alcohol to remove it. 

This Builder Gel is a soak off formula.

TIP: Cleanse the tacky dispersion layer before applying No Wipe Top Coat and before filing and buffing.