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"After moving to Australia from Ireland I was struggling so much to find the best Builder in a bottle product for my clients and I’m so glad I found D&G ❤️ no liftings, chips, cracks or breaks ❤️ cannot recommend more !" 
- Sara Remes 

Builder Gel In A Bottle

"Great value for money! So excited to use this set!"
- Ashlee Ellis

x26 Gel Polish & Free Lamp

"Absolutely love the builder gel in a bottle. So easy to use, beautiful colour (natural pink). So glad to be able to use gel again WITHOUT my fingers blistering and bleeding for weeks."
-Tammy Cotter

Natural Pink Builder Gel In A Bottle.

"At last the perfect builder gel! After trying other big name brands I can say this is hands down my favourite and I can stop looking. I'll be back for more of this. First the application is amazing. Thick enough to give strength but not so thin it floods. It glides on so smooth, really easy to get a nice even finish. Secondly, it set ROCK hard."
- Heidi Ash

Clear Builder Gel In A Bottle

"Best gel top coat I’ve used! My nails are so shiny, love this product."
- Tina Bruns

High Shine No Wipe Top Coat

"The perfect shade of pale pink! Applies really smoothly and looks so gorgeous on. Love love love!"
-  Chun Kwan Wong

Sweet HEMA Free Gel Polish

"Love how this polish is just black. No flecks or glitter, just a smooth shiny pure black. Love it!!"
-Debra Paxton

Black HEMA Free Gel Polish

"Love that I can buy this product in a 100ml bottle! Viscosity is perfect, self settles quickly & minimises filing time. HEMA free so no nasty allergies!! Cures crystal clear!"
- Linda MacKinnon

Clear Builder Gel In A Bottle 100mL Refill

"Absolutely love all of these colours! Only two coats on each swatch stick! They go on smoothly and are absolutely stunning! Highly highly highly recommend."
- Cassandra Roberts

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