D&G HEMA Free Base Coat - Product Use

by Melinda M 05 February, 2019

D&G HEMA Free Base Coat - Product Use

What is it used for?

D&G HEMA Free Base Coat is step 1 in the 3 step gel polish system.  It's designed to bond to the natural nail and provide a sticky adhesive layer for applying our HEMA Free gel polish colours.

Only 1 thin layer is needed.

Does it have any other uses?

Yes.  It can be used to create a sticky layer for applying glitter and foils.

Apply a thin layer of HEMA Free Base Coat over any HEMA Free gel polish colours and cure.  This will create a sticky layer. You can then apply your fine loose glitter or foils to this layer.

Learn more about glitter application here.

Melinda M


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