D&G HEMA Free Builder In A Bottle - Product Use

by Melinda M 09 May, 2019

D&G HEMA Free Builder In A Bottle - Product Use

What is it used for?

D&G Hema Free Builder In A Bottle can be used to:

  1. Apply over the natural nails for extra strength.
  2. Apply over nail art for a thick protective layer.
  3. Apply over glitter to seal and provide a thick protective layer.
  4. Build short nail extensions.
(Lets cover these uses one by one in the following blog posts)

    Cure time for Builder In A Bottle is 1 minute in a 36- 48 watt LED lamp.  2 minutes in a UV lamp.

    D&G Hema Free Builder In A Bottle will produce a tacky dispersion layer once it's cured.  You will need to wipe over this layer with Isopropyl Alcohol to remove it. 

    This Builder In A Bottle is a soak off formula.  It takes approximately 5-6 minutes to remove.

    TIP: Cleanse the tacky dispersion layer before applying No Wipe Top Coat and before filing and buffing.

    Melinda M


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